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 The first story leisure quest blog ever published was dedicated to showcasing the many Nigerian talents that have made waves in the entertainment industry both locally and internationally. Among the names that featured on that article, Daniel “SCRIM” Okoduwa kept re-vibrating within our reading audience. Daniel is an actor, producer, singer and song writer as well. Apart from all these attributes mentioned, Mr. Scrim is also the  President / Founder of Afro Australia Music & Movie Awards  and the C.E.O of the first African Music FM Radio station in Australia.

In an interview with leisure quest blog, Daniel revealed a lot about his outstanding personality and future plans as well.

See excerpts of the interview below:

Can you please tell us your full names?

My names are daniel itua okoduwa but my stage or artist/ business name is Scrim. 

It’s a pleasure having you here on leisure quest. Can you tell us about your birth place?

I was born in benin city (Edo State of Nigeria) but my parents are from the ishan (Esan) tribe

Can you give us an overview of your profession and nature of business?

I am a Singer/songwriter , film director/ producer, in many ways you just  described me as an Artist. My company is Scrim Entertainment and we are the creators/hosts of the annual Afro Australia Music & Movie Awards(AAMMA).

Wow that is so awesome. Can you briefly tell us about your educational background?

I attended Edokpolor grammar school in benin city. Studied Music Business at TAFE Australia. studied Film directing at Metroscreen ,Sydney , Australia.

And some of your most outstanding projects are?

I made Gossip Nation, a film that is the first African -Australian production to be distributed nationwide across Australia and New Zealand. It is pertinent to also mention that the Annual Afro Australia Music & Movie Awards is one of my proudest achievements thus far. The 2016 edition held on October 8.

What can you tell us about your social orientation?

I would say i Mix Freely, if i don’t know you it might take  sometime for me to open up but as soon i gain some trust, my heart is yours. 

You know leisure quest is and entertainment and travel publication, so can you tell us some of the best places you have visited?

Ok, ive visited and handled projects in the United states of America, United Kingdom, France, Holland, Belgium, and South Africa. Also you have to take into cognizance the fact that i am originally from Nigeria but i now reside in Australia which is like a second home to me because the people here show so much love and respect for one another, just like back home in Nigeria.

See more pictures below:

Daniel Okoduwa with Ramsey Nouah

Daniel on set of “The Matrix Reloaded”

Written by Eloho Ikede

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