Tel Aviv is a major city in Israel, located on the country’s Mediterranean coastline. It is the financial center and the technology hub of Israel, with a population of 432,892, making it Israel’s second-largest city. Tel Aviv is the largest city in the Gush Dan region of Israel. Tel Aviv is also a focal point in the high-tech concentration known as the Silicon Wadi.

Happy Tourists chilling in the shade

The city was founded in 1909 by Jews on the outskirts of the ancient port city of Jaffa (Hebrew: יָפוֹYafo). Its name means Spring Hill, though the hill was mostly sand. The modern city’s first neighborhoods had already been established in 1886, the first of which was Neve Tzedek

Tel Aviv is located around 32°5′N 34°48′E on the Israeli Mediterranean coastline, in central Israel, the historic land bridge between Europe, Asia and Africa. Immediately north of the ancient port of Jaffa.

cute boats

Tel Aviv is a City that every person with a passion for tourism must visit. I have only been there once, but one of the greatest moments of that visit was meeting a certain gentleman called Nils Bertil Nilsson. I used to believe that i was one of the world’s most passionate fan of photography. I guess that was why i went on that trip with 2 digital cameras, one analog camera so many spare batteries i feared might be seized by airport security.

Ornamental pieces, the perfect souvenir

It turned out that while i was more interested in taking pictures of monuments and ancient architecture, Mr. Bertil Nilsson (my Tour Guide) a professional camera around his neck always and he took pictures of every thing he laid eyes on from moving to non-moving objects. I am Bertil Nilsson became best of friends from that moment till this day. It has been an entire period

Mr. Bertil Nilsson

of close to seven years but we still talk and exchange pictures almost on a daily basis. The interesting thing about Mr. Bertil Nilsson is that although he spends most of his time working as a Tour Guide in Israel he is Swedish and he Travels back home whenever he is on leave from work. Bertil also travels to explore new countries among which one of his favourite is Thailand.

On this rare occasion this rare occasion i got his permission to share some of his great photos of nature and life with our admirable readers.

View them all and experience the magical feeling of Tel Aviv:

Sunset of bliss


Lovely river bank with colorful boats


Dog-pound ride

Tel Aviv just like the other parts of Israel, has so many contrasting land and seascapes as can be observed in the photo above and the one below. This is true even within same neighborhoods.


Art the Tel Aviv style
Magical nights with breeze that is how you know you are in Tel Aviv.

To see more of Bertil Nilsson’s amazing collection visit these link:


Written by Eloho Ikede (Nigeria)

Pictures from Bertil Nilsson (Tel Aviv, Israel).


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