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Ella Emmanuel

The entertainment industry often presents a different picture for those inside from the one seen by the viewing audience. There are often several misconceptions about actors and the acting profession. In a recent chat with Nollywood Diva Ella Emmanuel, the uncrowned beauty queen of Nollywood revealed that a pretty face and general good looks is not an automatic ticket to making it big in the entertainment industry. Ella emphasized that rather, good looks makes it imperative that you must up your game since there will always be focus on you even in the midst of many.

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First you must posses the raw talent, then you need guidance from the experienced hands. Ella said another secret of succeeding in the acting profession is focus even when fame has been achieved. In her words, focus is an important ingredient in the entertainment industry which must be sustained at all times because there are so many distractions that life can throw at people when they become famous.

On  her future plans, Ella Emmanuel revealed that haven finished her Degree program in Sociology, she now has more time on her hands to spend on her acting and musical careers.

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Ella Emmanuel is a highly talented actress and  hails from Ogwashi-Uku in Delta State, Nigeria. She was an entertainer from early childhood because she strongly desired to become a full-time actress when she grows up.

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Ella has featured in several great movies like ‘ADA-ADA’ for Divine Touch Productions and ‘WHEN THE GUN SALUTES’ a movie directed by UGOEZU J. UGOEZU. Her other recent jobs are playing the role of a waitress in a comedy movie produced by Emmanuel Oboh and directed by Papel. She acted alongside big names in the industry such as Daniel K. Daniel, Chelsea Eze, Shirley and Papel. Ella also featured in a movie titled Campus Tale, produced by Eazzy and costarred Dave Nwajei.

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On her taste in fashion, Ella responds thus “ as we all know, looking good is good business, I am a fashion freak and as much as I love fashion, I love to be comfortable in whatever i wear. Her view about life is that “Life generally is simple so don’t complicate it. She also believes that the greatest of all is Love and with that, we can achieve greater heights.

Written by Eloho Ikede.



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