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One of the most difficult aspect of being a writer and public commentator is the ability to view issues and events from other people’s perspectives.  Since the advent of social media interaction, it has become possible for people in different countries to receive and view a particular post at the same time. Once a posts is up, it begins to go viral especially when it has a controversial theme and focus. While researching  on information concerning  how people respond to the popular snapchat trend of adding flower crowns or animal features to human faces in still or animated forms, it was discovered that on both sides of the controversy, each opinion group gets very emotional and agitated when the issue of “For and Against” comes up.
While  a large group believes that puppy and bunny ears makes them look sexy and cute, another group believes that the flower crown is the best as it also gives them a smooth face too. However there are groups of people who go on twitter and other social media platforms to attack the personality of mostly ladies who use these features to draw attention to their profile pictures. In one of such comments, the attacker said it made the lady look slutty. He was whoever rebuked by several others commenting on the same post.
The fact still remains that a lot of people just use the snapchat features for fun purposes. While the Puppy and Bunny features are seemingly vain in terms of antecedents, the flower crown however has a rich historical background as revealed by Simone Hill of
She states that despite the fact that wedding flower crowns are hugely popular today, they’re really not a new idea. The fresh flower halo has been a popular accessory all over the world for centuries. And it’s steeped in tradition and meaning. To get the full scoop on the flower crown, you have to go all the way back to ancient Greece. Flower crowns were common in ancient Greece; it was especially popular to wear them at special occasions to honor the gods. Going along with that idea, during the same era, the laurel leaf wreath came into fashion as well (think: Julius Caesar). These laurel halos would be awarded to army victors to honor achievements and signify respect.
The Medieval European Flower Crown:

During this period, flower crowns actually fell out of fashion. The reason? Many pagan religions that used flower crowns in religious ceremonies and to adorn statues of their gods were condemned for their associations to blasphemy. In other words, it wasn’t safe!

The Ukrainian Flower Crown:

Flower crowns (known as a vinok) are a part of the traditional folk dress in the Ukraine. Oftentimes, girls of a marriageable age would wear them. During the Ukrainian wedding ceremony, wreaths made out of periwinkle and myrtle are placed on top of the couple’s heads after the vow exchange. Today, traditional Ukrainian flower crowns are more often seen at festivals and special occasions, including weddings.

The Ancient Chinese Flower Crown:

In China, the orange blossom flower crown was customarily worn during a wedding. Since orange trees blossom and bear fruit at the same time, they’re meant to symbolize fertility and were thought to bring children to a marriage.

The Victorian Era Flower Crown:

Like the white wedding gown, Queen Victoria also brought the flower crown into fashion in Europe. She wore an orange blossom wreath (the idea borrowed from the Chinese) in her hair for her wedding to Prince Albert in 1840. After that, orange blossoms became so closely associated with weddings that the phrase “to gather orange blossoms” took on the meaning “to seek a wife.”

One snapchat fan wrote her opinion thus: My whole Snapchat is full of filters. One of the main reasons I go on Snapchat is to see the new filter each day, wearing the new filter is like a fashion accessory. It’s not a case of slut-shaming, it’s just a bit of fun on social media. Your snapchat story is an expression of you, if someone judges you for it then just block them. #nohatersallowed.

Like i said in the beginning, it is difficult for the writer to have a clear mind on issues not clouded by personal opinion. Left for me, i would recommend the flower crown any day above the puppy/bunny ears and facial features, but as the saying goes “one man’s meat is poison to the other”. 

Written by Eloho Ikede

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