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Pretty Nollywood actress Miss Fortune Marshall

Popular Ghanaian/Jamaican Nollywood actress and big time Red-Carpet host Miss Fortune Marshall says her journey into acting was a result of divine intervention which occurred many years ago. The single mother of one, revealed to Leisure Quest that the road to becoming a star wasn’t easy to thread upon. During her interview she spoke candidly about many issues that shaped her life including being a victim of domestic abuse.

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Read the full interview below:

Tell us your full names:

Fortune Marshall

Place of Origin?

Ghanaian/Jamaican. My dad is Ghanaian while my mum is Jamaican.

What is your educational background?

I dropped out of the University in my second year due to financial difficulties. That was in the year 2006. It was also the year i got pregnant for my son’s dad who got me through voodoo (charms). Life wasn’t easy for me, i did odd jobs to cater for my self and the pregnancy because the man wasn’t helping but rather abusing me physically and emotionally. I was under his spell for many years until God saved me from it and that was why i left him.


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Fortune on set

Tell us how you became an actress. When and where did it all begin:

I started acting in Ghana, in 2008, my first movie was “the lost bead”. My acting career was a prophecy given to me by a man of God that was invited to my church ” Assembly’s of God Ghana”, He said that was what God told him to tell me, that I should go into entertainment. A week after, I went to the market and there is this hotel close to the market place and I saw crowd there, I decided to go and see what was happening and it was an audition going on there, a girl was being auditioned and she wasn’t carrying the  lines well, she was repeating the same mistake she was corrected and it was annoying so I yelled at her unknowingly and the director noticed me and asked ” hey you are you here for the audition and I said no,

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and he said “can you do what she just did, and I said yes, he then gave me the script to go through it and I acted and everyone clapped for me, and I was given a form to fill, so that was how I  got my first role in the movie, and since then I decided to go into it fully. I started my career fully here in Nigeria in 2010. I have featured in so many movies, soap operas, skits and musical videos as a vixen.

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Fortune with Hakeem Raman and other popular Nollywood stars on set

Tell us the titles of your 5 favorite movies in which you featured prominently. (You can give more titles)

I have played major roles in movies like:- The Lost Bead, Fine Boys, Twisted Destiny, Story of my People, King of Shitta, Hot Maids in Bed, Holy Maid, Cindy’s dilemma, Commander on top, Tuki etc.

Are involved in any movie project at the moment?

Yes. I am just back from a location around Ikotun in Lagos State. The movie project is directed by Pius Okugbere

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Fortune interviewing Daddy Showkey at an event


As a Red Carpet TV Host/presenter, which stations have you worked with?

I worked with HIT TV as a presenter.

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Miss Marshall with Mercy Aigbeni

What are your future plans in the movie industry?

I want to start my own production, by God’s Grace next year; 2019. I would like to produce  my own movies and carry other people along.

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The red carpet queen, Ms Fortune Marshall

Do you engage in any other form of business enterprise apart from acting?

I anchor red carpets and shows too as an ” MC”. I also sell jewelries and i am planning to startup a corporate business because I don’t want to depend on acting alone as a means of income.

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With Kenneth Okonkwo on set


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Fortune having recreational fun at Aracab beach, Badagry, Lagos

What are your hubbies?

I love dancing, cooking and hanging out with friends

What message do you have for your fans?

My fans should watch out for me, I know I’m not there yet but I still appreciate their trust and love for me, I love them all and I promise not to disappoint them by God’s Grace. And I thank them for believing in me!

Have u visited any foreign countries?

I’ve only been to West African countries like Cotonou, Togo, Liberia and Ghana my home nation.

What countries would you love to visit?

I would love to visit Germany, Canada and USA

Who are your role models in the movie industry?

Jackie Appiah and Genevieve Nnaji.

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Do you have any humanitarian or philanthropic initiatives in the pipeline?  

I would love to have my own charity organization or a foundation some day because I love to help the poor and needy.

See more pictures of Miss Fortune Marshall below:


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Interview with mega music star; 9ice


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On set with actor Chris Makus


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Fortune with veteran Nollywood actor Mr. Segun Arinze


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Interview with another veteran actor, Mr. Hakeem Raman


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Fortune with Nse Ikpe Etim


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Interview with popular musician; Daddy Fresh


Written by Eloho Ikede jp


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    God is your strength dear fortune,u are heading for greater heights

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    Wow what a story love you

    • May 25, 2019 at 5:47 pm

      very true Tushar. Its quite touching


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