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                                  Singer and song writer: Nycole August

Prolific singer and song writer; Nycole August is an internationally acclaimed entertainer. Since the release of her latest single “Take It Off (Explicit) “, the romantic song has gone viral on different musical platforms online. Fans have been eager to meet the artiste who has wowed them with such a soothing song that puts them in the right mood. Listen to it on this link:

Leisure Quest recently got in touch with Nycole. The U.S born singer granted a full interview where she talked about her musical career, current projects and future plans. She also said a few things about her personal life and the things that guide her in making such beautiful songs.

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                                       Nycole August, finding her own sound

Read the full interview below:

Can you tell us a little about your self and your Journey into music?

I’ve been doing music since i knew i could sing which was when i was around 7 or 8. Nobody really knew that i could sing or loved doing it as i was very shy. I started saving money as a teenager and made my first studio demo when i was 14. I fell in love with being in the studio and being able to create from scratch. I feel as a musician finding your own sound is very important and something i strive to do every time i work on a song.

What were the title of the songs in the demo?

I only could do one song at the time. It was called Candy Love, lol. It was very cheesy but i was like 13 when i wrote it.

 We skipped knowing your country, home town and where you live presently.

I currently reside in Houston, Texas, USA. I’m from Odessa also in the State of Texas.

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What genre of music do you perform?

I do RNB, Soul and Pop.

While growing up, who were your musical idols?

Oh gosh, too many to name! But if i had to say who helped mold the kind of sound i have id say Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Whitney Houston, Billy Holiday, Bob Marley, TLC, En Vogue, Aaliyah, Amy Winehouse and Prince of course. There’s just too many to name. You have to respect the greats. But there’s many more, that’s just the ones that come to mind. I love many of the new artist as well.

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Since after your first demo, how many albums and singles have you released?

I’ve released one EP, and 3 singles since the EP, with plenty more songs coming out.

Can we have the titles of these jobs?

Sure, the EP is called The Nycole August Experience, the singles I’ve released since the EP, is Pills for Tears, The Secret, and my latest called Take it Off. My EP is kinda old though, i released that 10 years ago. The singles are more recent

I love take it off, I listened to it a bit. Have you done any musical shows outside of the U.S?

Unfortunately i haven’t, but i would love the opportunity to do that.

If the opportunity should come, which countries would you prefer to do those shows in?

I’m really opened to anywhere really, but i would love to perform in the UK

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Are you signed on to any recording label or you have your own?

I’m not signed to anyone. I handle everything myself.

I am impressed

Thank you, me too lol.

What online platforms can fans find your music?

I’m available on Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Pandora, iheart radio, Google Play Music, YouTube, Tidal, Deezer.                                                                    find the links below:

i. Amazon:

ii. iheart:

iii. YouTube:

iv. Google Play Music:

v. itunes:

Still on the issue of live performances, where and when have you done your greatest show thus far?

I’d say my best shows have been the ones that are more small and intimate. Like wine bars and private events. I’m able to connect better with the audience.


Apart from music, do you have other jobs or businesses you also do?

Yes i work a regular job and was recently asked to do some Instagram promo modeling.


What services or products where you promoting?

I’m actually going to be promoting some beauty sleeping masks for this company. I just got asked a few days ago.

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Congratulations on that contract

Thank you

Apart from Take it off, are you on any other current musical projects?

Qst USA Nycole August: I’m currently working on my own projects right now, i have at least 5 new songs I’ll be releasing over the next several months into next year. I’m always creating.

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That is encouraging to hear

Thank you

I have listened to your singing. You have a great voice and some awesome tunes. Do you play any instruments too?

Thank you so much. Yes i play keys, but I’m not a pro by any means but i can come up with stuff on piano.

On a more personal note, are you married with kids, or single?

I’m not married but I have one son

What are your future plans and wishes concerning your musical career and other ventures?

My future plans involve becoming the best artist i can possibly be, not for competition, rather for knowing i did the best i could in creating a musical impression in the music community. Also to create more music and push myself outside of my comfort zone to try new things. I plan to perform again. hopefully 2019 will open up those opportunities.

We will stand by you and do our best to follow your progress and let the world hear about it too

Thank you, i really appreciate that.

You are most welcome. You can count on us anytime.

On a semifinal note, what are your favorite hobbies?

Music of course, that’s really all i do. But sleeping has become a new hobby, shopping, spending time with my son and hanging out with friends.

Finally, what message do you have for your old and new fans?

Keep an open mind because i have some great new material coming out for 2019. On day to day note- Eat lots, love plenty and be kind.


You can follow Nycole August on her facebook page: @nycoleaugustmusic and on instagram: nycoleaugust.

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