I APPRECIATE MY FANS AT MISS AFRICA 2018:- Miss Tunisia: Lobna Ouni

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Miss Tunisia: Lobna Ouni

On 27th December 2018, the city of Calabar witnessed the popular Bikers Day Carnival all through the day. This was followed by the much talked about Miss Africa beauty pageant which held at the Calabar International Convention Centre. The event lasted from the evening of December 27th into the early hours of the 28th. 25 beauty queens representing various African countries participated in the event which was later won by Miss Dorcas Kasinde of Congo followed by Nigeria’s Miss Chimamaka Goodness Nnaemeka and Zambia’s Gladys Kayumba who came 2nd and 3rd respectively.

The competition was keenly contested at all the participants had previously been crowned over other contestants in their home countries. As in every competition, every contestant had their supporters who voted for them online and those who applauded their performance live at the event.

In the opinion of many who watched the event live at the venue and on cable tv, one contestant that looked exceptionally pretty and angelic in looks was Miss Tunisia: Lobna Ouni.

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Leisure Quest Magazine was at the event (click the link to watch the extensive video of Miss Africa 2018: https://youtu.be/Bm_IfTo6ykY. ) Many days after we also got the opportunity to talk with Lobna who had a lot to say about her experiences before, during and after the Miss Africa beauty pageant. Although the beauty queen is a french speaking lady she was able to handle her replies very well in English.

Read the full interview below:

 Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

My name is lobna ouni, I am 20 years old. I am Tunisian and I live in Sousse located 140 km (87 mi) south of the capital Tunis. I studied economics management and I am a makeup artist and model of beauty.

Its a pleasure to have you here.


Tell us how you heard of the Miss Africa competition and the process you passed through to become a participant?

Miss Algeria 2018 contacted me and I did a casting with the organizer on whatsapp.

How many hours was your flight from Tunisia to Nigeria?

It was long I took my first flight to Tunis carthage, then to Casablanca and after Morocco to Lagos ca 5: 30h. From lagos i then took the last flight to Calabar. It a bit was tiring.

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 How would you describe the people you met here in Nigeria?

They were nice to me and helpful but at the beginning i had to try and adjust due to a different kind of environment and language because I did not speak English but after it was better.

We are glad to hear that. Were you nervous when you came out on stage at the Miss Africa beauty pageant that evening?

Yes it was a new experience for me and I’m happy.

During your preparation, were there any difficulties apart from the language issue?

At first, no but I had a small accident before going out on stage, there was a circuit electrifier next to me that went out in flames briefly with a spark and that is why I felt a bit stressed.

So sorry about that, I remember there was a mild scare when a the fuse in an equipment blew up and then the lights went out for some time.

Yes that was next to me. Apart from that incidence, no i didn’t have any difficulties

Glad to hear that

Beauty Queens from various African Countries at the Miss Africa 2018 beauty pageant

What message would you like to send to your supporters and fans back home, in Nigeria and all other countries that followed the competition and showed love to you through their votes?

I thank my fans and all the people who believed in me. I also appreciate those who followed me during my journey.

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Miss Tunisia: Lobna and close friend Miss Africa 2018: Dorcas Kasinde from Congo.

Will you like to visit Nigeria or Calabar again even if you are not contesting in any competition?

Yes already next year I will be present among the famous guests and I will be pleased to be in Nigeria once again.  Nigeria is a beautiful country.

 We are very happy to hear you say so Lobna. Its been a pleasure talking with you?

Me too, thanks


You can follow Miss Africa Tunisia: Lobna Ouni on instagram @lobnaaounii

Find more amazing photos of the angelic beauty queen below:

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Lobna back home in Tunisia at a beauty pageant

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Lobna enjoying the serene landscapes of Calabar, Nigeria


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Lobna and close friend Dorcas


Written by Eloho Ikede jp

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